A digital producer is a coordinator, supervisor, and strategist for projects involving the creation of digital media.

Depending on the environment, the digital producer role may be assigned different titles, such as multimedia producer, web producer, or online producer, but the task list reads the same. A digital producer’s primary responsibility is to consolidate and coordinate the creative work of the design team, and build a product that will satisfy the client’s overall requirements. The position consists of distinct components, setting its role apart from the other members of a digital production team.

The producer serves as the primary coordinator and communicator of any digitally-based project. This position collaborates with multiple project teams across boundaries of both creative and technical capabilities. This producer provides unique oversight and perspective to maintain a common goal while increasing knowledge, communication, and awareness between team members and the client. The most successful digital producer is an effective communicator and organizer who can eliminate obstacles, maintain a realistic view of complex digital initiatives, and manage the entire process.

A digital producer may possess design skills and creative experience that parallel those of a multimedia designer, a webmaster, or a graphic designer, which qualifies their ability to supervise a multifaceted project. A successful producer will oversee the progress, the quality, and the quantity of digital media created by multiple designers in a team. For example, a complex website project may require graphics, animation, streaming audio and video, and database functionality.

The digital producer is responsible for each media component, its level of contribution, and its level of quality. The producer must manage each project effectively to maintain a steady flow of productivity throughout the process. Once all the components have been placed the project can be fine-tuned based on the client’s needs.

The ability to assist a client to develop a strategy using digital media is a very important skill a successful digital producer should possess. The producer should collaborate with the client and their partners closely while utilizing other teams within the organization to define unique and effective strategies to insure that the client reaches the highest potential for success. The producer will combine the collective strengths of marketing, project management, product development, and sales to effectively bring the project from conception to birth without compromising the original vision of the client. Ultimately, this role proves to be essential to the success of any digital media project.