We bring together business know how and a deep understanding of technical capabilities to streamline communications through businesses internally or externally with customers, prospects and stakeholders.

🤝 Meet Our Team

The digital design space is what inspires us and we deliver tech solutions that drive success and have impact for businesses. How we communicate in these new digital media realms is important (internally and externally). The information that is passed in the communication exchange is what connects us to something beyond ourselves: our history, our community, our planet, our future, our culture, our brands and our identity.

We draw from the diverse modern world and the latest in technology, to create a better class of information. In every facet of our business, we’re committed to respecting the people and the communities we touch.

We operate in the Pacific, cultures rooted in reciprocity. Our philosophy at Ignite Studios is to support the efforts of those who continue to give back to preserve local cultures and traditions, whilst at the same time, looking bravely into the new world.

We are committed to being responsible producers as well as pledging to actively support the communities we participate with:

  • Apple Developer Network
  • React Native Community
  • DevTo Community
  • IndieHackers Community
  • Wakatū Alumni Te Hunga Panuku
  • Creative Digital Industries Auckland
  • International Game Developers Association
  • Ngā Aho Whakaari

Company Foundation: New Zealand

Ignite Studios Ltd was registered in November 2004 with the Companies Office of New Zealand and is registered with the Inland Revenue (Tax) Department of New Zealand. Acting Accountants are Gilbert Associates Ltd (Albany, Auckland) and lawyers are Corban Revell (Henderson, Auckland).

NZ Postal Address
19 Sanders Ave
Auckland 0622
New Zealand

NZ Telephone: +64 9 889 0022

Company Foundation: Hawai’i

Ignite Studios LLC was registered in August 2014 with the State of Hawai’i and is registered with the Internal Revenue Service of the US. Acting accountants are US Global Tax based (Sydney, Australia).

USA Postal Address
150 Aliiolani Street
Hawaii 96768
United States of America

USA Telephone: +1 808 674 7425